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You feel out of control and stuck in a cycle you can’t escape 

You secretly think there’s something really wrong with you. You just can’t get your shit together. You feel like you always need to be in control. If you could just figure everything out, or make it all perfect, there would be relief! Right? 

But your efforts to create perfection aren’t working, and you’re exhausted.

The worry is starting to harm your body and mind. It's hurting everything you hold dear

It might manifest as feeling out of control with your body or with food. Or maybe you obsess about past mistakes or future disasters. Either way, critical thoughts are on repeat in your mind, a reminder of how things are not okay. 

You try to get relief from the worry through more "problem-solving." Exercise more! Eat less! Analyze it more! Work more! But this isn't really working. Worry has consumed you. You're distracted and have racing thoughts, nausea, or panic attacks. Even scarier is a constant tight feeling in your chest that you fear is an impending heart attack. 

This is not how you want to live. You want to take better care of yourself but you don’t know where to start.

I can help you find calm in your mind and peace in your body

I help people who are worn out from trying to control and perfect everything, whether it’s school, work, relationships, or their bodies. In therapy with me, you’ll learn why your brain works the way it does. Instead of viewing your thoughts and behaviors as crazy, you’ll come to understand them as a way your brain copes with overwhelm and tries to keep you safe. You’ll learn valuable, long-lasting skills to regulate your mind and body. 

How things will shift for you

My clients say they have more days where they don't overthink and overanalyze. More days knowing how to manage the ruminating thoughts. My eating disorder clients report more days where they don't even think about their body. More days where the number on the scale does NOT dictate how their day will go, or how worthy they feel.  My clients say they have more moments of feeling free, where they can enjoy the present moment and the life happening right before them, NOT in their head. 

For over 20 years I’ve worked with people like you

My clients are lovely people who are good at so many things but feel at war with their minds and bodies. My clients are smart, high-achieving folks, with brains that are sensitive to anxiety, worry, perfectionism, eating issues, and body hatred. 

Therapy can help you forge a new path and feel mastery over your life. I am trained in a variety of therapy techniques that are known to improve anxiety and eating problems, but I let you guide me with what’s most comfortable for you, as I believe that you are your own expert. Together we might focus on anxious thoughts and present-moment behaviors with therapies like CBT. Or we might delve into the past or focus on body sensations with EMDR and IFS (Internal Family Systems). I am simply a guide who walks alongside as you try out new skills. For many anxiety and eating disorder clients, these “body-based” modalities are gentle ways to explore how their past impacts their present, and how the body can heal the mind. Ultimately, my clients can be more present in the moments that really matter.

If you're tired of anxiety or eating problems ruling your life, you’re ready for something different

Your one beautiful life is far too precious (and short!) to live like this. Let’s see if we’re a good fit! Click below or call/text me at (469) 850-2420. My office is in Plano, TX, near Frisco, McKinney, and Allen. I also offer online therapy across the state of Texas.

Contact me here to learn more about therapy in Plano, TX